Welcome to Shop Fix, Inc.! When you hear the name Shop Fix you probably associate it with Blue Ridge Color Company (BRCC).  That is because BRCC is our parent company.

While we are proud of all of the quality paint and supplies that BRCC distributes to our customers, we want people to know that at BRCC and Shop Fix we really are MORE THAN A CAN OF PAINT.  As part of BRCC’s ongoing mission to always be getting better, and to continue to offer our customers everything they need, Shop Fix was born.  Shop Fix is a company that hires and trains our employees to be people that put forth an effort to do what is right every day and every minute.

At Shop Fix we work hard to make sure that our services are always the best in the industry.  We offer you everything from a solution to have an uninterrupted volume of clean dependable compressed air to a totally controlled environment to paint in.  Whether you need to start a new shop or to supply your existing shop(s), Shop Fix has a solution for you.  We strive to offer the highest in quality equipment services that you need, and we work hard to always be on the cutting edge of industry technology and innovation.  At Shop Fix we not only can fix your shop, we will make it better!